Alesis Studio 24 Mixer Recording Console w/ Inline Monitor


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The Studio 24 is the best choice for eight-track studios needing an efficient, low cost, true recording console with excellent audio quality. Its inline design, similar to that of Alesis’ acclaimed Studio 32 Console, lets you send eight audio signals to a recorder and monitor eight channels coming back from tape without re-patching.

The Studio 24 provides eight input channels for mono audio sources, and four stereo input channels for dual-channel devices like synthesizers, along with two stereo groups for sub mixes.

The Studio 24’s eight hybrid/discrete phantom-powered mic preamplifiers are designed to meet the challenges of 20-bit digital recording, with excellent sonic quality, low noise (-128.5 dBm) and high headroom with more than 60dB of gain. Also, it provides eight individual XLR inputs, each with its own switchable direct output, making the Studio 24 perfect for applications that require you to route multiple audio sources simultaneously.

The Studio 24’s EQ section provides low and high shelving controls at 80Hz and 12kHz, along with a sweepable mid-frequency EQ set to allow for greater control of crucial tonal elements in a mix. Effects and cue mixes are handled by four aux sends, two pre-fader and two post-fader, as well as two stereo aux returns.

Precise pan controls, solo switches, peak indicators and smooth 60mm true logarithmic faders are found on every channel, so you’ll be in complete control for every step of tracking and mix-down. If you want to take complete advantage of your single-ADAT (or other eight track) recording system, the Studio 24 is the most cost-effective solution for studio-quality tracking and mixing.

Dimensions: 16.5″ L x 15.5″W x 4″H/15.5 lbs

Note: Some knobs missing. Fender bent(Still works) Refer to images.

Tested. Removed from a working corporate environment.

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