APHEX 9000R Modular System Rack w/ 9000PS & (9) 9621 Expander/Gate Modules

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TESTED. Ships in Case. Case has NO Front or Back Covers. Static Issues with Module #7. All Other Modules FUNCTIONAL. Removed From Working Corporate Environment. Refer to Images.

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Description Description:

APHEX 9000R Modular System Rack:
The Model 9000 is the basic building block of the Aphex Modular Processing System. It is designed for use with up to 11 Aphex 9000 Series audio modules (or dbx® 900 Series compatible modules). Made of heavy gauge steel for maximum strength and durability.

APHEX 9000PS Modular System Power Supply:
The Model 9000PS is a heavy duty power supply designed to provide clean power to the Aphex Model 9000R Modular System Rack , providing ± 1 SV for the modules. The Model 9001 PS is designed for the Model 9000R when it uses a combination of Aphex and dbx® 900 Series modules.

APHEX 9621 Expander/Gate/Ducker Module:
Model 9621 delivers true expansion, as well as a degree of user adjustability that permits unparalleled Gating and Ducking Action. However, a significant improvement in this model over its predecessor is the addition of Logic Assisted Gate™ circuitry. This newly developed patented control system combines sophisticated level detection with logic generated control voltage, assuring positive, stable, and accurate triggering, irrespective of attack time. The Model 9621also features switchable Parametric Key input filters that permit user shaping of the keying signal through selectable frequency and variable bandwidth controls. A convenient front panel headphone jack has been added to allow monitoring of the Key Input without disruption of the audio output. Best of all, the Model 9621 continues in the Aphex tradition of providing transparent performance to achieve the highest possible sound quality of your system.

Case Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 12″
Case Weight: 55 lbs

Features Features:
  • Space for 11 Modules - (9000R)
  • Gold edge module connectors - (9000R)
  • Standard 10-pin barrier strip audio input/output connectors (same as dbx 900 Series rack) - (9000R)
  • Barrier strip power supply connectors - (9000R)
  • Front panel LED power indicators (bipolar 15V/DC and 24V/DC) - (9000R)
  • Barrier strip connectors - (9000PS)
  • Over voltage protection - (9000PS)
  • Front panel LED power indicator - (9000PS)
  • Operates from 90 - 140VAC, 190-260VAC - (9000PS)
  • RF filtered AC input - (9000PS)
  • Multiple voltages user selectable - (9000PS)
In The Box
  • APHEX 9000R Modular System Rack
  • APHEX 9000PS Modular System Power Supply:
  • (8) APHEX 9611 Expander/Gate Module
  • APHEX 9621 Expander/Gate/Ducker Module
  • Road Case (No Front or Back Cover)

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 20 × 20 × 12 in
  • Weight: 55 lbs