Avid AS3000 Interplay Cluster System w/ Dual Media Indexers & Dual GPS Servers


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Avid Interplay Cluster System includes the following:
1. Avid AS3000 Primary Interplay Engine & Dongle Avid Part No.  7020-30088-02
2. Avid AS3000 Secondary Interplay Engine & Dongle Avid Part No. 7020-30088-02
3. Infotrend Cluster RAID Avid Part No. 7020-30276-01
4. Avid AS3000 Media Indexer 1 of 2 Avid Part No. 7020-30088-01
5. Avid AS3000 Media Indexer 2 of 2 Avid Part No. 7020-30088-01
6. Avid AS3000 General Purpose Server (GPS) Avid Part No. 7020-30088-01
This listing is for an off-lease MediaEngine originally installed by Avid in a military grade climate controlled / power conditioned machine room in 2012 at a major network TV studio In Los Angeles, California.  All components were professionally uninstalled and removed by AVGEAR in 2016 and have been stored in our warehouse since.  Since being decommissioned, all equipment has been handled meticulously, is in pristine condition and fully operational.  AVGEAR hired in 2018 an Avid ACSR certified on the ISIS 7000/7500 product line to perform upgrades and tests of all components of this system and are all production ready.
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Weight 256 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 19 in