Barco Presentation Pro II PS-2005 D HD-SDI Video Switcher v1.17 (Not Tested)

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Not Fully Tested.

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Description Description:
  • Barco Proprietary Processing
    • 10-bit Processing
    • 1:1 Pixel Sampling
    • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD-SDI and Analog YUV)
    • 3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect (SD)
    • Image Cropping
    • Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
  • Capture and Storage of┬áthree LOGO images for use as full-screen image or Down Stream Key source
  • Digital Input/Output
  • DVI Input – supports native high resolution background/luminance key channel
  • SDI or HDSDI Input
  • DVI Output
  • Programmable Matte