Biamp System AudiaFLEX TI-2 DSP Digital Audio Processor

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AudiaFLEX is an expanded version of Audia®, the benchmark in digital audio systems for demanding professional sound installations. AudiaFLEX provides the same easy-to-use software and functional
algorithms, but with far greater flexibility in the choice of I/O configurations. Inputs and outputs may be specified by pairs, in any combination, up to a total of 24. All possible I/O configurations are available
with or without CobraNet®, for multi-device or stand-alone systems. The intuitive software provides audio system design capabilities via PC computer, and allows easy selection, viewing, and calibration
of numerous audio components: mixers, combiners, matrixes, equalizers, filters, crossovers, dynamics, routers, delays, remote controls, meters, generators, diagnostics, etc. Once a system design is compiled, it is downloaded into AudiaFLEX, where it can then be controlled via third-party systems such as AMX® and Crestron®, via daVinci™ software, and/or via dedicated Audia remote control panels.

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  • Biamp System AudiaFLEX TI-2 DSP Digital Audio Processor

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