Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 11 HD/SD w/ Smart Remote 3 SR-3

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Description Description:


The Ultimatte-11 is a multi-definition digital video image compositing device that produces realistic composites of two images. Its inputs and outputs comply with SMPTE 292M (HD) and SMPTE-259M (SD) Serial Digital Interface standards. Ultimatte-11 can be interfaced with any video system that can provide or accept 10 bit 4:2:2 serial digital video. Ultimatte-11 is a real time digital device, which differs from all other keyers in the degree of realism it can achieve in a composite under various non-ideal conditions.


The Smart Remote 3 is the third generation remote for use with our base units. This remote has a color touch screen interface with an easy o use GUI, a USB port for adding a keyboard or backing up to a USB storage device, build in internet interface for easy updates and now runs on Windows 7. The operator now can adjust fan speed, control backlight intensity and button backlight intensity. In addition to working with the New Ultimatte 500 and Ultimatte 11 units, the Smart Remote 3 is backwards compatible with the Ultimatte 400, 9, 10 and HD.

Dimensions: 19″ x 15″ x 8″
Weight: 20 lbs

Features Features:
  • Extended range matte controls to overcome foreground and wardrobe conflicts
  • User adjustable foreground delay to compensate for virtual set render times
  • Matte correction and sizing for targeted correction of overdense transitions
  • Clean up shrink and blur
  • Flare suppression controls
  • Direct Ambience control allows background to affect color and brightness of foreground
  • Indirect Ambience control allows background to affect color and brightness of foreground in subtle ways
  • Foreground and Background Color Controls
  • Two External Matte Inputs and Internal Windows allow for sophisticated combinations of garbage mattes, layering mattes, holdout mattes and the new clean up garbage matte
  • Clean up garbage matte that allows for variable clean up versus global clean up
  • Monitor output can be switched without affecting FG+BG Out and can also be set to mirror for use as a talent monitor
  • Layering with correct transparency levels
In The Box
  • Ultimatte 11 HD/SD
  • Smart Remote 3 SR-3
  • AC Power Cord

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24 × 24 × 16 in
  • Weight: 30 lbs