BOSE LI Model I Cylindrical Radiator (Top Piece – Untested)

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The L1 Model I is our versatile original L1 system for an audience of up to 500, delivering exceptional sound reproduction and four integrated inputs that accommodate microphones, instruments and mp3 players. It features two channels of ToneMatch® signal processing circuitry designed to optimize select instruments and microphones.


  • High-performing, powered, portable two-way loudspeaker system with a 160° H x 0° V nominal dispersion designed for the production and reproduction of live music, music playback, speeches and A/V sound reproduction
  • Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology produces wide, uniform sound coverage throughout the entire listening area—even off to the extreme sides
  • Consistent front-to-back coverage, 24 drivers mounted in a vertical line array design produce a loss of only 3 dB in sound pressure level per doubling in distance
  • Integrated ToneMatch® presets for popular vocal microphones and instruments

Dimensions: 40″L x 5″W x 4″H/16 lbs

For Parts. Not Tested.