BUF Technology VTS-5000 Slow Motion Controller

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Tested. Removed From Working Corporate Environment. All Buttons and Sliders are in Working Condition. Item Sold Exactly as Shown in Images. Refer to Images.

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Description Description:

The VTS-5000 is a high performance, yet affordable, single VTR/DDR controller that is optimized for instant replay applications. Ten function keys can be set by the user either to recall significant cue points or to playback at predefined speeds. Many user adjustable features allow optimization for various applications and user preferences, all of which can be stored in any of ten available personality registers. A pick up record feature gets right back into record where recording left off as soon as a replay is finished. Powerful features are included for film production video assist applications. The VTS-5000 controls record and playback on film shoots where low or high speed frame rates are used. Playback speed is set and displayed in terms of film shoot speed, allowing accurate simulation of projection timing of scenes.

Dimensions: 10″L x 8″W x 4″H
Weight: 8 lbs

Features Features:
  • Ultra fast nonlinear mode for DDR based instant replay
  • VTR pick-up record feature automatically picks-up at end of last recording
  • 1000 cue point memory, cueing with and without preroll
  • 10 function keys for quick cue recall and/or slow-mo speed presets
  • Slide option give best feel for slow-mo & shuttle tape motion
  • Record-end protection feature prevents rolling into noise
  • Video assist features for high speed film production applications
  • Single VTR/DDR insert and assemble editing