Canare R460S Brake Lock Cable Reel w/ 250 ft. BNC Breakout Cable & Case

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Dims: 15x21x31
Weight: 135 lbs

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Description Description:

Canare has developed a dependable and road-worthy Cable Reel in three useful sizes that keeps cable stored neatly when not in use, yet allows quick deployment without tangles and twisting. A perfect way to facilitate transporting and laying cable. Protect your valuable cable investment with Canare Cable Reels.

All Canare R-Series Cable Reels include a special 3 position brake lever.

– (1) Free Spool: Cable will pull from the reel with ease, this position is ideal for rewinding.
– (2) Soft Brake: Cable can be pulled from the reel, but friction prevents excess spillage when cable is pulled quickly.
– (3) Full Lock: Used during transportation, the reel will not rotate so cable won’t spill.

Note: Cable has not been fully tested. Removed from working environment.

Features Features:
  • Cable Storage
  • Mobile Units
  • Rental and Staging
  • Durable, Long Lasting Black Finish
  • Rugged Winding Handle
  • Roll-around Removable Casters
  • Snake Cable Hanger Tabs
  • Exit Flange Port for Snake Ends
  • 3-Position Brake Lock: Free Spool, Soft Brake, Full Lock
  • Stack able
  • Tubular Steel "E Brace Construction
In The Box
  • Canare Reel
  • Omega Road case
  • 250ft BNC Fanout Cable