Canon XL2 MiniDV Camcorder (For Parts)


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The Canon XL2 is the upgraded replacement model of the ground breaking XL1 camera. It is still the only prosumer camcorder to offer an interchangeable lens system. The Canon XL2 offers many features that until recently were only available on professional camera systems. Functions like 16:9 aspect ratio, scan-matching, professional time code and custom picture looks were available only on cameras costing many times the price of the XL2. This camera also has 30 -frame and 24-frame interlaced and progressive modes. The addition of 24-frame is the most significant technology advance in the prosumer camcorder bag of tricks.

*Canon has recently removed a film-look feature that was included in the initial batch of camcorders. The model currently available is now without a Cine feature called Film Grain. This digital function simulated the look of certain film stocks through the addition of a grain effect. The camera we sell here at B&H no longer has this feature.

Dimensions: 17x10x9 / 4.5 lbs

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