Christie Spyder Vista Systems Model 344 & 362 Video Processor Pre-Wired Rack System


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Inlcudes: Pre-wired Rack Case, Christie Spyder Model 344, Christie Spyder Model 362, 16-Port Netgear, (2) Geist Power Distribution Units, Lightware 32×32 DVI Matrix Router, 16 and 32 channel switcher by Isis Innovation, Dell Inspiron Laptop with Spyder Vista software installed, and case of spare kit items (as seen in images).

FEATURES of Christie Spyder:

Mixing and multiple key frame effects

  • Smooth-go transitions automatically interpolate between the first look and the second look according to user-defined duration
  • Real-time window resizing and positioning with unrestricted window placement
  • Full motion path editing with velocity control at each key frame
  • PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge
  • Adjustable PIP aspect ratio correction as well as cropping, pan and zoom
  • Quickly apply looks to multiple video layers with user-defined treatments


  • Luminance keyer on every input
  • Chroma keyer on every input
  • Alpha channel bitmaps on every input, for alpha channel titling or bugs from your favorite graphics application

Presets and timed cues

  • Save Command Key presets for a single video layer or a complete on-screen look that includes all layout information as well as machine control for ancillary devices
  • Save multiple keyframes in scripted sequences that advance manually or automatically based on timed cues.

Background buffers

  • Two native or scalable resolution background buffers allows mixing between high-resolution, still backdrops for PIP images or background inputs without having to use any of Christie Spyder’s inputs to prevent screens from going to black

Video processing

  • Supports one video layer per input
  • 10-bit analog inputs and outputs
  • Low delay (< 1.5 interlaced frames)
  • 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down detection
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