Chroma Q Colorblock DB4 – Lot of 9 + 2 PSU w/ Wheeled Case (Parts Only)

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Description Description:
Chroma Q Colorblock DB4 – Lot of 9 + 2 PSU w/ Wheeled Case (Parts Only)

The Color Block PSU-05B is a power supply suitable for up to 5 Color Block DB4 LED fixtures. It can be controlled remotely via ANSI E1.11 DMX 512-A in a variety of modes to accommodate most applications or can operate independently as a standalone system. The Color Block PSU-05B delivers power and data via 1 XLR4 outputs. A maximum of five daisy-chained Color Block DB4 fixtures can be connected to the PSU-05B. Return lines are not required. The total cable length of each chain must not exceed 60m/200ft.

Removed from corporate working environment. All units POWER on; some single lights are inoperable. PARTS only.

Features Features:
  • Controls up to 5 Color Block DB4 / Color Block 2 / Color Block 2 Plus units
  • 9 pre-programmed looks
  • Time and day
  • Program up to 64 time triggers to launch looks
  • Stores up to 42 user programmed looks
  • Synchronisation across power supply for the effects engine
  • 15 control modes
  • 3 grouping modes
  • Magic Box enclosure - can be truss or 19” rack mounted
  • Backlit LCD displays
In The Box
  • Ch(9) Croma Q Colorblock DB4
  • (2) PSU
  • Road case