Chromlech Elidy-S 5 x 5 LED Panel FOR PARTS (Lot of 50)

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-All panels are for parts. All were lightly tested (turned on with a power supply and ran a basic test of lights). Some known issues:  Damage to frame and/or lights; some or all lights on a panel would not flash on; lights would flash in wrong order (by row).  Most panels do not include a bracket for rigging.

-Power Supplies are not included.


Elidy is modular in form, based around a panel of 25 (5 x 5) very high power LEDs which are driven by state of the art electronics. Up to 9 Elidy panels can be run off one power supply unit and assembled to form a screen of up to 225 LEDs (1sqm). These screens can then be rigged side by side to form larger projection areas.