Chromlech Elidy-S 5 x 5 LED Panel w/ Case (Lot of 50 – FOR PARTS)

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Note: Lot of 50. FOR PARTS.

This LED matrix fixture is capable of projecting volumetric graphics. It combines high-output, calibrated, warm-white LEDs with custom optics to generate extremely narrow beams that far exceed the intensity of standard LED screens.

When assembled together, Elidy panels form a unique LED wall. It can be arranged into screens, columns or three-dimensional shapes and programmed to provide projection effects.

Elidy is modular in form, based around a panel of 25 (5 x 5) very high power LEDs which are driven by state-of-the-art electronics. Up to 9 Elidy panels can be run off one power supply unit and assembled to form a screen of up to 225 LEDs (1 m2). These screens can then be rigged side by side to form larger projection areas.

Due to its revolutionary LED driver design, Elidy offers perfectly smooth dimming over the complete dimming range. Its patented system implements proprietary wide-range, ultra-fine dimming that allows extremely smooth dimming over 100,000 imperceptible steps with absolutely no cut-out or stepping when fading up or down. This dimming mimics traditional tungsten sources in a way that makes it perfectly suitable for use in theatre or studio alike where such high LED dimming quality is necessary.

Elidy implements an advanced pixel-mapping interface (the Pixel Engine) that is intuitive and user-friendly, making it perfect for creating truly funky animations, from the simplest to the most complex. Data management is handled using conventional DMX daisy-chaining, but also via unique ArtNet daisy-chaining, both simpler and faster than conventional star-shape cabling. Finally, Elidy has full sACN networking capabilities, especially useful for the smooth handling of big lighting systems with complex data networks.

Dimensions (case): 45x30x31 / 452lbs