Chyron Duet Lex 3 2-Channel Graphics System

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Description Description:

Introducing Chyron’s LEX3 Graphics System, built on the success of Chyron’s graphics systems worldwide. The LEX3 extends the power of the LEX2, with a new real-time rendering platform and a host of new features and options including touch enabled graphics, integrated clips, DVE and Second Video Input. Scalable to fit graphics needs, technical requirements and budget, the LEX3 can be configured with one or two channels. Electrifying graphics that energize high-profile productions are created and played out by Chyron’s award-winning Lyric and optional Lyric PRO applications running on the LEX3. Take to air brilliant, captivating graphics with
the intuitive application that has redefined television graphics design and playout. Advanced features, including seamless creation-to-playout and premium Lyric options make the LEX3 a cost effective choice for news, sports and live event coverage.

Features Features:
  • Compact cost-effective, multi-channel graphics system with integrated video mixer
  • Open platform, ensuring interoperability, scalability, upgradeability and easy networking
  • Effortless multi-scene compositing with Lyric® PRO
  • GPI I/O
  • Redundant power supply
  • True WYSIWYG composition in 3D space
In The Box
  • Chyron Duet Lex 3 2-Channel Graphics System
  • (2) AC Power Cord

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24 × 24 × 9 in
  • Weight: 45 lbs