Crown Audio LM-300A Super-Cardioid Gooseneck Lectern Microphone – Lot of 4

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The Crown LM-300A is a super-cardioid, electret-condenser gooseneck microphone with an XLR terminated connection. The super-cardioid pattern minimizes noise due to off-axis ambiance and noise. The capsules produce a wide frequency response, accentuating frequencies that enhance reproduction of the human voice. Low frequencies that produce noise due to noise ambiance and proximity effect are filtered out. The microphone features a silently adjustable gooseneck. A low-cut filter switch further reduces low frequency noise due to wind, breath and “pops” due to plosives. The microphone is powered with an external phantom power source and is suitable for house of worship, conferences, schools and more.
Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern – The super-cardioid pattern effectively minimizes noise and ambiance due to ambient reverberation and monitors.
Silent Adjustable Gooseneck – The Crown LM300 features a silent adjustable gooseneck, eliminating noise while positioning.
Wide Frequency Response – A wide frequency response accentuates the frequencies of the human voice.
Low-Cut Filter Switch – A low-cut filter switch further reduces low-frequency noise due to plosive sounds.
Removed from corporate working environment. All units tested and working.
NOTE: Entire quantity is pictured–(2) types: LM-300A and LM-300AL. (1) Microphone (blue taped) has the upper gooseneck that is not adhered to the base. But this microphone still works.
Weight: 7lbs