Crown K2 Pro Audio Amplifier (Parts Only)

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K Series Power Amplifier – 800 Watts Per Channel at 4 Ohms
K Series amplifiers deliver more power and sound while using less energy than conventional amplifiers. And its all in a durable, maintenance-free package thats just two rack spaces high.
Using patented Balanced Current Amplifier (BCA) circuitry, K Series amplifiers give you massive amounts of power while generating just one-tenth the heat of conventional amplifiers. In fact, the powerful K2 amplifier can deliver an amazing 1,250 watts per channel into 2 ohms (and thats a very solid 2 ohms)!
Because of their incredible efficiency, K Series amplifiers require no internal cooling fan and feature a closed chassis. Of course, no fan means no fan noise. In addition, the closed chassis makes these amplifiers virtually immune to environmental problems such as dust, cigarette smoke, stage fog and spilled liquids. In practical, everyday terms, the K Series amplifiers are essentially maintenance-free. As with all convection-cooled amplifiers, varying operating levels and loads may require additional air movement in high ambient temperature conditions.


  • No Fan No Noise
  • 2,500 Watts, 2 ohms K2
  • 1,500 Watts, 2 ohms K1
  • Patented BCATM Circuit Design
  • Unmatched Thermal Efficiency
  • Superior Energy Efficiency
  • Sealed Chassis
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Superior Sound
  • Modular Design and Construction for Quick Service
  • TLC -Thermal Level Control Protection Subtly and Dynamically Reduces Gain As Needed
  • Automatic Turn-On Diagnostics
  • Significantly Less Component Degrading Heat Generated
  • Recessed, Detented Level Controls

 For parts only!!

Weight: 38lbs
Dimensions: 19x18x4