Danish Interpretation CU 4010 Central Unit + 9 DM 4410P Conference Microphones


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The 4010 Central Control Unit (CU) powers and controls 100 conference units and mixes the audio.
System settings such as operating modes (Automatic, FIFO and Manual) are accessible via the menu on the front of the CU. A PC, MC 4000 or 3rd party control device (AMX/Crestron) can be connected to the Central Control Unit to allow the operator to remotely control conference units.
In the event of PC failure, the Central Control Unit will revert to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to proceed. The Central Control Unit has one balanced audio input (line level) for an external audio source and two balanced pre-fader audio outputs (line level, microphone level) for recording or amplification of the mixed feed of all active conference units.


  • “Daisy Chain” loop-through cabling
  • Audio inputs/outputs
  • Mic control via PC, MC 4000, or 3rd party device
  • Different operating modes with request-to-speak queue
  • LCD on central unit for easy set-up
Removed from corporate working environment.
Weight: 50lbs
Dimensions: 19x14x20
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Weight 50 lbs
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