Danish Interpretation Systems CU6011 + (8) DM 4410 P Conference Microphones (Not Fully Tested)

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Description Description:
The Central Control Unit (CU) powers and controls the conference units, mixes the audio, distributes simultaneous interpretation language channels and conducts voting sessions. The High Power CU can power approximately 150 conference units. The standard control capacity of 50 delegate units with 4 language channels can be expanded with feature licenses to 3,800 units with 32 languages. System settings such as operating modes (Automatic, FIFO, Manual and VOX) are accessible via the menu on the front of the CU. A PC or 3rd party control device (AMX/Crestron) can be connected to the Central Control Unit to bring greater sophistication to the conference. In the event of PC failure, the Central Unit will revert to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to proceed. The CU features four (4) RJ-45 outputs for DCS-LAN chains and has one (1) balanced audio input (line level) and one (1) balanced audio output (line level) which can be configured as; Mic In, Recording Out, Mix-Minus or Insertion. Multiple CU 6011 units can be combined for room combining or to create larger systems.
Removed from corporate working environment. Powers ON but NOT fully tested.
Features Features:
  • 32 high quality audio channels (4 standard).
  • Cost-effective structured Cat-5e cabling.
  • Expandable to 3,800 units (50 units standard).
  • LCD on central unit for easy set-up.
  • AMX/Crestron integration.
  • Optional automatic mixing mode w/configurable threshold ¬†and release time.
  • Up to 8 open microphones.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera control.
In The Box
  • Danish Interpretation Systems CU6011
  • (8) DM 4410 P Conference Microphones