DBX 266XL 2 Channel Compressor Gate


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The dbx 266XL dual compressor gate breaks it down to the essentials. Square lighted switches let you see it in the dark, but that’s about it as flashy as it gets. Onboard the 266XL, there’s dbx OverEasy compression, and its Auto Dynamic continually adjusts the actual attack and release times to match the program material, so you aren’t limited to using Attack and Release controls only in “peak” operation.

  • Full-featured, high-performance dual compressor/gate that uses the dbx AutoDynamic Attack and Release circuitry to deliver true musical compression for a wide range of applications
  • Program-adaptive expander/gates overcome the functional limitations of traditional “utility” gates — all at a price suitable for almost every application
  • Separate precision LED displays for gain reduction, compression threshold, and gate threshold allow quick, accurate setup
  • Stereo or dual-mono operation

Dimensions: 19x7x2 / 4 lbs

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