dbx Drive Rack 442 EQ & Loudspeaker Management System w/ 480R Remote & 480P


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Rack Unit Includes:
  • (2) dbx DriveRack 442 – Remote Programmable Equalization and Loudspeaker Management System with 4 Outputs on XLR Connectors (Dual Rack-Space)
    • Four-input, four-output loudspeaker management system without front panel programming functions
    • Programming performed through the 480, the 480R, or via included Windows software
    • 31-band graphic or 9-band parametric equalizer on every input (pre-crossover)
  • (1) dbx DriveRack 480R – Remote Controller for DriveRack Systems
    • Dedicated remote interface to control all 480, 481, and 482 DriveRack units
    • Built-in RTA (Real Time Audio Analyzer) with rear-panel XLR microphone connector and pink-noise generator
  • (1) Furman PL-8 Conditioner
    • 8 AC outlets in the rear controlled by a switch in the front, and the 2 lights are unaffected by the switch.
    • High voltage surge and transient suppressor with an RFI/EMI interference filter. (noise from fluorescent lights, electric motors and radio transmitters.)
    • Rear master switch features a large power indicator.
  • (1) dbx 480P – Power Supply for 480R
    • Power supply and communication link for 480R remote
    • DB-9 and RJ-45 link connectors

Dimensions: 18″L x 21″ W x 25″H | 145 lbs

Fully tested driver rack. Removed from a working corporate environment.

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Weight 185 lbs
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