Denon DN-T620 CD Player

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You can enjoy all your music on CDs and cassettes with the Denon DN-T620 player. This Denon CD player lets you play both CD and cassette tape simultaneously so you have flexibility in playing with the sound. With a pitch control of ±12%, you can tweak the sound to your liking on this CD/cassette combination player. You can even play music from a CD or into a mic and record it directly on a cassette tape with this Denon CD player. This CD/cassette combination player is available with a headphone jack so you can listen to your music without disturbing everyone around you. The A-B select’ and A-B repeat’ modes of the Denon DN-T620 player let you select and play a section of the music you like best in loop.


    • Playable File Formats WAV
    • Audio Outputs
    • Headphone Jack
    • CD Player

Dimensions: 20″L  13″W   6″H

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