Denon T620 CD/Cassette Recorder/Player

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Description Description:

The DN-T620 is a successor to the popular DN-610F, combining CD player and cassette deck units into a single 19-inch, 3U body. Also, to enhance ease of use, the DN-T620 includes some new functions that the DN-610F did not have.

Features Features:
  • Variable Pitch up to ±12% of playback speed
  • A-B Repeat mode
  • Single/Continuous Playback mode
  • Back Cue function (no instant start)
  • Digital Servo circuit, Hologram pickup
  • Versatile playback functions: Program, Random, Repeat (Track Repeat, Disc Repeat)
  • A 10-key pad is provided for direct track selection or to enter up to 99 tracks for programmed playback.
  • New type of Digital Servo.
  • Input source switchable between internal CD and external line input
  • Auto-Reverse Full-Logic mechanism
In The Box
  • Denon T620 CD/Cassette Recorder/Player

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11 × 19 × 5 in
  • Weight: 15 lbs