Dolby DP564 Multichannel Audio Decoder

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Powered on. Error indicator LED illuminates upon start up. Removed from Working Corporate Environment. Refer to Images.

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Description Description:

Critical monitoring is essential to ensure that the highest quality audio reaches your listeners at home. The DP564 Multichannel Audio Decoder, the next generation reference decoder from Dolby Laboratories, is the perfect tool for monitoring and quality control applications in DTV broadcast, postproduction, and DVD authoring.

Features Features:
  • Multiple inputs
  • Expanded preset storage
  • Enhanced monitoring control
  • Dedicated GPI/O remote control capability
  • DolbyÆ Digital Surround EXô decoding
  • Dolby Pro LogicÆ II decoding
  • Dolby Headphone processing
  • IFE (in-flight entertainment) mode
  • Timecode output
  • External AES reference
  • Ethernet software remote control
  • Streaming
  • Karaoke capable mode
In The Box
  • Dolby DP564 Multichannel Audio Decoder
  • (1) AC Power Cable

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19 × 15 × 4 in
  • Weight: 8 lbs