DOREMI V1-UHD Video Disk Recorder

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The V1-UHD offers the superior resolution of high definition television in a compact full featured disk recorder and player. The V1-UHD is ideal for HDTV broadcast, post production and digital animation capture and replay. Instant locate and instant play are time saving features that offer a distinct advantage over tape based systems.
The V1-UHD records and plays uncompressed HDTV 720p, 1080i, and 1080p (24, 25, 30 and sf) at 8 or 10 bit resolution. The base version of the V1-UHD is available at a low price point with 12, 24 or 49 minutes of recording in a compact 3U chassis. With an external video storage unit, recording time can be expanded to several hours.
The V1-UHD high def DDR joins Doremi Labs V1 family of VDRs a market leader with thousands of installations worldwide. The V1’s full feature set and proven reliability have prompted its integration into many diverse production environments. This essentially maintenance free product line has continuously proven itself as the most functional and cost effective solution in the market today.
-Drop in replacement for HD tape recorders
-Frame accurate edits directly on the V1-UHD
-Trasfer video clips & frames to/from networked workstations
-Recording device for HD cameras
Removed from corporate working environment.
Weight: 45lbs
Dimensions: 22x20x10