EM Acoustics MSE-118 Quake 18″ Subwoofer w/ Caster Wheels and Soft Cover

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The MSE-118 Quake is a high power, true horn-loaded subwoofer, designed for the ultimate in low frequency performance. By matching the utmost in drive unit technology with tireless research into the development of horn technology, Quake produces phenomenal performance from an enclosure housing only a single 18” drive unit.

The substantial enclosure houses a single proprietary 18” (457mm) drive unit with a 5” (127mm) voice coil. A radically shaped dustcap adds to the cone’s structural integrity, whilst a dual-suspension system ensures that the moving structure maintains in pure-piston motion even whilst experiencing the high pressure levels found in the horn throat. This drive unit is loaded onto a horn nearly 9’ (2743mm) in length, to provide unprecedented depth and power from a single drive unit enclosure.

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  • EM Acoustics MSE-118 Quake Subwoofer w/ Caster Wheels and Soft Cover

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 23 × 38 × 50 in
  • Weight: 250 lbs