Empire State Filter Co. Video & Ground Loop Hum Eliminator(Lot of 6)

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Empire State Filter Co.’s line of hum eliminators, also referred to as a humbucker or a ground loop eliminator, is designed to remove interference created by long cable runs, 60 cycle power demands, grounding noise, and magnetic coupling. Normal voltage differences between system grounding points cause small AC power currents to flow through video cables. At power frequencies, a voltage drop of only 7mV peak can cause a visible hum bar.

How a hum eliminator works:  60 cycle hum – ground loop current – only flows on the shield of a coaxial video cable. This current will produce a magnetic field in the iron core of the hum eliminator and create an inductor, or choke. The high impedance of this choke – in the ground path – effectively eliminates the 60 cycle hum from passing through the unit. The video signal, on the center conductor, is shielded from this impedance – by the cable’s shield – and passes through the unit unaffected.

Dimensions: 8″L x 5″W x 5″H/ 7.5 lbs(Single Unit)

Removed from a working corporate environment. 

Includes: (4) Video HUM Eliminator Model 500,(2) Ground Loop Eliminator