Evertz 7736CE2-A4 Dual Composite Encoder (w/o Backplane)

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Not tested. Removed from 7700FR-C Evertz frame in working corporate environment.

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Description Description:

The 7736CE2 series of modules are broadcast quality component serial digital to composite analog video converters with an extensive list of advanced features. The 7736CE2-A4 and 7736CE2-A8 versions offer respectively four (two per encoding channel) or eight (four per encoding channel) high quality audio digital to analog converters that can be driven from discrete AES inputs or audio embedded within the video input signal. The module features a clean (asynchronous) and a fast (synchronous) input video lock modes to handle upstream switches.

Features Features:
  • Two component serial digital inputs (525 or 625)
  • One composite analog video output per channel WITHOUT OSD text
  • Internal processing to maintain 10 bit digital video quality
  • 12 bit output video digital to analog conversion
  • One monitoring quality video output with OSD for card configuration
  • User adjustable output video processing functions: black level (brightness), gain (contrast), hue, and saturation
  • User selectable luminance and chrominance filters for different applications (i.e. broadcast vs. studio)
  • User selectable horizontal blanking interval width (narrow or normal)
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  • Evertz 7736CE2-A4

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9 × 6 × 4 in
  • Weight: 5 lbs