Extron Distribution Amps + Ground Loop Isolator + Decoders

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What’s Included:
1 – Extron GLI 250 Ground Loop Isolator
1 – Extron 13W3 DA2 Two Output 13W3 Sun and SGI Distribution Amplifier
1 – Extron ADA 2 300 HV Disribution Amplifier
1 – Extron IR Receiver RS232
2 – Extron MDA 4V SDI Distribution Amplifier
2 – Extron Decorders (YCV-100 & VYC 100N/ VYC 100P)
The Extron 13W3 DA2 is a one input, two output Sun and Silicon Graphics, 13W3 distribution amplifier. The 13W3 DA2 provides two separately buffered female 13W3 output connectors allowing two Sun or SGI monitors to be connected to one host workstation. It also allows for the connection of Sun and SGI computers to a compatible display, while viewing the workstation monitor. The outputs of the 13W3 DA2 may be extended to distances up to 100 feet (30 meters).


  • Input: Male 13W3 cable attached
  • Output: Two female 13W3 buffered outputs
  • 300 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded
  • Compatible with Sun and Silicon Graphics workstations
  • ID bit termination suitable for Sun and SGI workstation monitors in all resolutions
  • Compact and durable metal enclosure
The ADA 2 300 HV is a one input, two output analog distribution amplifier. The ADA 2 300 HV is compatible with RGsB, RGBS and RGBHV. The ADA 2 300 HV has a 400 MHz RGB video bandwidth and two buffered outputs which make them perfect for connecting a personal computer or a high resolution BNC output workstation to two data or graphic projectors or monitors with BNC inputs or to system switchers for preview monitoring.
  • RGB input level: 0.5 – 1.2 volts p-p
  • RGB video bandwidth: 400 MHz (-3dB)
  • One input, two output RGsB, RGB fully loaded or RGBHV (ADA 2 300 HV version)
  • Ultra high performance
  • AC or DC coupling (internally selectable)
The Extron IR 201 SYS 4/8/10/AV provides infrared remote control for all System 4/8/10 devices and Extron’s line of AV switchers from Extron, including the System 4LDxi and System 8/10 Plus. For those switchers with a 9-pin RS-232 connector, the IR 201 SYS 4/8/10/AV is applicable. The IR 201 receiver may be placed up to 50 feet away from the detector.
The IR 201 receiver also features a dual RS-232 serial port connector. One connection from the receiver is input into the RS-232 serial port of the switcher, and the other connection is available for a third-party control system. This provides two independent ways of controlling Extron System 4/8/10 or AV switchers.
Approximate range: 50 feet (15.25 meters)


  • Compatible with System 4/8/10 devices and AV switchers from Extron
  • Receiver features a dual RS-232 serial port connector
  • Approximate range: 50 feet
Extron GLI 250 Ground Loop Isolator


  • Input: One female 4-pin mini DIN connector
  • Outputs: Three female 4-pin mini DIN connectors
  • Accepts and distributes S-video on female 4-pin mini DIN connectors
  • 270 MHz (-3 db) video bandwidth, fully loaded
  • Rack, under-desk, and projector-mountable, four per rack
The Extron YCV-100 S-video to composite video encoder is a high performance, economical product that provides a signal conversion solution. The YCV-100 is well-suited for application-specific environments where the source signals are encoded from S-video to composite video; it accepts an incoming S-video signal on a 4-pin mini DIN connector or two female BNC connectors or two femal BNC connectors for the luma and chroma signals, converts it, and outputs a composite video signal on a female BNC connector.
Removed from corporate working environment. Not Fully Tested. Remote Controls Not included.
Weight: 10 LBS
Dimensions: 14x9x10