Extron FPC-1000 Matrix 6400 64×64 Audio Series Matrix Switcher


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  • Inputs: Captive screw connectors
  • Outputs: Captive screw connectors
  • Field upgradeable and modular design — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers provide the highest level of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and expandability by allowing users to purchase only the modules required for their systems. Additional modules may be added at any time without having to send the unit back to the factory for expansion or application change.
  • 100 rooming memory presets — Provides presets for up to 10 rooms for a total of up to 100 rooming presets for added flexibility and control in routing signals.
  • Optional redundant power supply — An additional power supply may be internally mounted to give the Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers a backup power supply. This feature may be necessary in critical applications where power reliability is a crucial factor.
  • Easy-to-use LCD FPC 1000 Front Panel Controller — The FPC 1000 has a large LCD window that allows direct access and total control over all presets and switching functions. Menus in the FPC 1000 provide an intuitive interface for easy setup and programming.
  • 32 global presets — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers can be configured for several different applications without the need for changing the settings each time the application changes.
  • Video genlock — Audio switching can be synchronized with video switching for clean, accurate audio-follow-video transitions.
  • Optional control panels and keypads — Provide the flexibility to control a Matrix 6400 Series matrix switcher from a remote location.
  • RGB and audio mute
  • Balanced or unbalanced mono or stereo audio — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers offer the flexibility for both balanced or unbalanced audio signals. Depending on the application and cable distance requirements, some systems will require balanced audio.
  • Audio input gain and attenuation — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers allow users to set the level of audio from front panel controls or RS-232 and RS-422, whether for gain or attenuation, -15dB to +9dB.
  • Trouble status indication — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers track status indicators at all times, and with the FPC 1000, the installer can monitor RS-232 and RS-422 communications from and to the unit. This saves valuable time in troubleshooting.
  • Front panel security lockout — If a Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switcher is installed in an unsecured environment, an optional password feature can be implemented. When this feature is in use, a password is required to operate the front panel controller.
  • Rack-mountable metal enclosure — The Matrix 6400 Audio matrix switchers are rack-mountable in any conventional 19-inch rack.


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