Extron ISS 506 – Integration Seamless Switcher


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The Extron ISS 506 is a family of 6-input, 2-output scaling, video and stereo audio seamless switchers. The switchers accept high resolution and/or low resolution video and stereo audio inputs, scale the video inputs, and switch and output RGB or YUV video and audio. The ISS can capture and switch in logos, process an input as a keyed-out title, and perform picture-in-picture processing. Optional daughterboards allow the switcher to accept an SDI/HDSDI video and to output either digital visual interface (DVI) video, scan-converted (low resolution) video, or HDSDI video (1080i or 720p).
Removed from corporate working environment.
Weight: 14lbs
Dimensions: 18x13x4
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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 6 in