Fostex DV824 – 8-Track Rackmount DVD Recorder w/ USB Ethernet Time Code & Firewire I/O

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The next generation of standalone multitrack recorders is here, and provides supreme quality 8-track recording to standard-size DVD-RAM discs in a unique package representing the very forefront of multitrack recorder design. The Fostex DV824 is an 8-track DVD-RAM and hard disk recorder, with a maximum 24-bit/96kHz resolution, full time code and word clock functionality, and professional analog and AES/EBU digital connectivity, along with Firewire and USB ports for file storage and transfer. The unit conveniently combines the attributes of accessible, inexpensive storage media with intuitive operation and top-shelf audio quality, and represents a worthy solution for installation or live broadcast requirements for radio, television and the theatre.

  • 8-Track Recording and playback to and from industry standard DVD-RAM media
  • Up to 8-track simultaneous recording at 24bit/48kHz
  • Up to 4-track simultaneous recording at 24bit/96kHz
  • Slim line chassis – just 2U high – for easy handling & installation
  • Analog balanced XLR inputs and outputs for all 8 channels
  • AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs for connection to analog and digital audio mixers
  • Flexible AC or DC (for location use) power operation. Supplied with AC adapter (AD-15C) as standard.
  • BWF file format and UDF disk format combine for excellent PC/Mac compatibility
  • Playback of disks recorded on both DV40 and PD-6.
  • 132×64 dot-matrix LCD display
  • Large LED time display and 18-bar level meters.
  • High-speed 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for data transfer via the media network
  • Multiple DV824’s can be controlled by a master DV824 through the 9-pin remote connector
  • Dedicated front-panel USB keyboard input for easy file naming and editing.
  • Flexible programmable playback function
  • Optional* Timecode/Sync (Model 8348) card allows for both internally-generated and external timecode with +/-1ppm accuracy to be integrated into the recording process. An LTC offset can be set independently for each file
  • Bi-Phase input included on Timecode/Sync card for synchronization to film projectors
  • Optional 40GB Hard Drive (Model 9057) or 80GB Hard Drive (Model 9058) allows for Dual Disk Recording as well as Auto Backup functions
  • Optional* IEEE1394/USB 2.0 card (Model 8370) will be available for fast data transfer to/from PC/Mac
  • Auto New File function to automatically separate files when EXT TC leaps. Good for copying audio from DAT source.
  • iXML metadata implementation
  • Multiple media recording modes including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW (copying via internal HD)
  • ES Bus mode which allows the user to link multiple machines from the master unit. Metadata flows from the master to the slave units with a machine designator written in the file header.
  • Seamless New File mode to allow the machine to create a new file once the designated file length has been reached
  • New File mode offers the user to instantly create a new file while recording
  • Auto Save function to add an additional level of safety in the event of loss of power. The DV824 will preserve and examine the data every minute during recording.

DIMENSIONS: 19″L x 13.6″ W x 3.9″H
WEIGHT: 13 lbs
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