Grass Valley Encore ENC-XY Universal XY Programmable Control Panel (Not Tested)

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Description Description:

The Encore system offers complete configuration and robust control capabilities. Up to 32 router (or matrix) levels can be configured. It can also set up tie-lines for transparent intermatrix operations, and support multiple users with unique access privileges and restrictions. With software control panels, users can control sources
and destinations right from their PCs. Encore introduces the concept of Areas to routing allowing identical names to be assigned to different areas. This simplifies name definition such that eg. VTR1 can exist in a production area, and a distinct editing suite each controlling a different VTR named VTR1.

Dimensions: 5″ x 19″ x 2″
Weight: 4 lbs

Features Features:
  • 1 RU control panel for simple source and destination selection
  • Can be programmed to control single or multiple destinations
  • User-programmable keypad with two sets of prefix/suffix selection to preset sources or destinations
  • Separate displays for preset, status, and level
  • Eight configurable buttons for sources, destinations, salvos, or access to the second set of prefix/suffix
  • Panel grouping increase the number of configurable buttons by using additional 48 button panels
In The Box
  • Grass Valley ENC-XY
  • AC Power Cord