Grass Valley Turbo iDDR Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder

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The Thomson Grass Valley™ Turbo™ intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) is a VTR replacement device that leverages the digital storage, networking, and media management capabilities of its Emmy® award-winning Profile® and K2™ broadcast servers. A cost-effective, compact digital recording, editing, and playback device, it is designed for immediate productivity and will reshape the way you look at your professional-video infrastructure Investments. The Turbo iDDR fits right into your existing environment, letting you load content as video or files from removable media. Its front-panel transport controls look very much like those of traditional VTRs and its output channels support standard- or high definition (SD or HD) content.

  • Simultaneous record/playout design does the work of multiple systems
    —HD and SD video content capabilities
    —One record/two playback channels
  • Extensive control via external systems (AMX, Creston compatible).
  • Can be controlled by Thomson Grass Valley Indigo A/V mixer to form a powerful presentation system.
  • Software suite features applications for:
    —Basic clip editing
    —Media management/arrangement
    —Dynamic playlist creation with live control options
  • Extensive standard audio/video connectivity:
    —Video: SDI, component, composite, S-Video, analog/digital DVI video
    —Audio: analog, S/PDIF digital audio
  • Front-panel VTR-like transport control Interface with touch panel.
  • Robust data connectivity:
    —1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet)
    —FireWire (IEEE 1394)
    —USB 2.0
  • Media exchange support for AVI, HDV, QuickTime*, MPEG-2, Windows Media, WMV HD.
  • Hard-drive storage capabilities:
    —10 to 40 hours depending on bit rate
    —Enterprise-class, high-performance SATA drive technology
  • REV media storage: more than two hours of 25 Mb/s SD or HD video

DIMENSIONS: 21″ x 17″ x 6″
Powers On but not fully tested.