High End Systems Jands Hog 500 Light Console


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The HOG 1000 and 500 have emerged through a collaborative effort between Jands Electronics and Flying Pig Systems, resulting in a family of consoles that combine the strengths of both companies: flexibility, power and ease of use, without overwhelming your budget. The HOG consoles offer a range of powerful features. These consoles feature the unique operating syntax
of the WHOLEHOG II: logical, quick programming and playback, without confusing function names. Just like the WHOLEHOG II and the Jandshog, the HOG 1000 and 500 handle any combination of fixtures, moving or static, with moving lights as simple to program as conventional fixtures.


  • Controls up to 500 channels
  • Configuration of the desk makes programming easy
  • Four menu banks of palette buttons give instant access to Beam, Colour, Position and Groups of fixtures
  • LCDs provide continuous feedback on programming and playback status together with cue or palette lists
  • Instant access to console features
  • Auto menu and advanced fixture control
  • All shows are stored on standard 3.5 inch DOS format floppy disks
  • Cues, cue lists, effects and presets can be merged from one show to another
  • Split fade times on any parameter * Easy to understand command line syntax
  • External VGA monitor output

Dimension: 34″L x 12″W x 28″H/ 77 lbs

Tested. Removed from corporate working environment. 

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Weight 110 lbs
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