High End Systems Studio – Color 575 Series Lights (Pair)

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• Automatic switching power supply operates on all international voltages at 50 or
60 Hertz .
• Provides full DMX control using 24 channels with 16-bit accuracy for pan, tilt,
and gobo indexing; and 8-bit accuracy for all other parameters.
• Convection cooling ensures quiet performance.
• 370° pan and 255° tilt
• Up to 35 combination patterns using 10 rotating litho/effects (plus two open)
located on two independent wheels. Each wheel can be independently indexed
and rotated in either direction at variable speeds. Slow and lenticular glass
effects are standard. Optional and custom LithoPatterns, effect glass, and prisms
are available and are easily installed.
• Each of the two color wheels support five dichroic glass filters plus open.
• Optional CMY Feature replaces standard color wheels with two double wheels
that can be rotated to achieve continuous color mixing.
• The MSR 575/2 provides a high color rendering index and a high color
temperature of 6200 K. An optional MSD 575 lamp is available for architectural
applications. The MSD 575 provides a color temperature of 5600 K and enhanced
lamp life. Studio Color fixtures also include a lamp power reduction for special applications.

Dimensions of a single light: 28″ H x 22″ W x 13″ D, 60 lbs

Tested. Removed from a corporate working environment.