Hitachi KP D50 Color Digital + Canon 3CCD TV Zoom Lens 6.5~65mm 1:2.2- For Parts

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The Hitachi KP-D50 is a single chip CCD color camera. The Hitachi KPD50 is provided with RGB outputs and employs the digital signal processing technology to control various correction functions, resulting in providing a high quality picture. A 410,000-pixel (NTSC) / 470,000-pixel (PAL) CCD is used, and a sharp, clear picture is ensured even under low illumination level. Further, high sensitivity as well as high resolution are ensured. As various settings including auto iris, auto white balance and external synchronization (HD and VD inputs) can be remotely controlled, the Hitachi KP D50 can be used with an image processing system or other CCTV systems.
  • 1/2 inch CCD Digital Processing Color Camera
  • 470 TV Lines of Resolution
  • 50db Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Sensitivity of 2 lux at f1.2
  • Auto Tracking and Manual White Balance Modes
  • Backlight Correction
  • Electronic Shutter with AES function
  • 2H Enhancer with Contour Compensation
  • Outputs Composite, Y/C, and RGB video
  • 8-speed electronic shutter with 1/10,000sec high-speed setting
  • Ideal for Image Processing, Teleconferencing, Surveillance and CCTV systems

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