Hosa Technology CBT-500 Cable Tester

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Description Description:

The CBT-500 Cable Tester by Hosa Technology diagnoses signal failure in cables terminated with any combination of XLR, Phone, Phono, and speakON® connectors, as well as DIN, Ethernet, 75-ohm BNC, and USB Type A to Type B cables. It is also equipped with removable leads to verify continuity of additional connectors and jacks.

Features Features:
  • Multiple Type Cable Tester
  • XLR: 3-Pin and 5-Pin
  • SpeakON: 2, 4, and 8-Pole
  • Phono (RCA), Phone (1/4" TRS and TS)
  • DIN: 3, 5, and 8-Pin
  • BNC: 75 Ohms
  • RJ45 (Ethernet)
  • USB: Type A to Type B
In The Box
  • Hosa Technology CBT-500 Cable Tester

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4 × 9 × 3 in
  • Weight: 3 lbs