Ikelite 6039.07 Underwater Housing for Sony HDR-HC7 Camcorder – Rated up to 200′

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This Ikelite compact mechanical underwater housing is designed for the Sony HDR-HC7 camcorder. The Sony HDR HC-7 and housing are so small they are an absolute delight to use. The housing is molded of clear polycarbonate and includes an optical-glass lens port with a removable UR pro filter. The housing port is threaded to allow the use of an optional 67mm threaded wide-angle conversion lens.

The camera’s LCD monitor can be viewed from the rear of the housing, using the External Mirror featured on the side of the housing. The external mirror is hinged so that it can be opened to reflect the image from the camera’s LCD monitor. This housing includes (IRC) Image Reversing Circuitry. The circuit reverses (flips) the image and text on the LCD screen so that when the image is reflected in the External Mirror, it appears correct left-to-right. For another viewing option, a Super Eye magnifier for the optical viewfinder is also included.

The housing is easy to use and will allow you to capture the moment underwater in video or digital stills. Features include many manual controls including: power on/off, record-start/stop, power zoom, photo, auto/manual focus lock/ manual button, camera control dial, back-light control and LCD reversing circuit on/off. Controls for the LCD Screen Touch Pad provide full access to setting white balance and white balance shift. The housing is rated to a depth of up to 200′.


Built with strong and corrosion resistant, clear polycarbonate injection molded material, allowing visual inspection of the camcorder, control functions, and all sealing surfaces.


Dependable mechanical controls are sealed with Quad-Ring seal glands.

Controls Include:

  • Power on/off
  • Record-start/stop
  • Power zoom
  • Photo
  • Auto/manual focus lock/ manual button
  • Camera control dial
  • Back-light control
  • LCD reversing circuit on/off