JBL EON15 15″ Two-Way Passive Speaker


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The EON 15 is a 15 inch two-way passive speaker system that features the same advanced packaging and transducer technology used in the powered version. The system is a light weight, rugged, roadworthy speaker enclosure that incorporates a die-cast aluminum baffle and a structural polypropylene enclosure designed for portable applications. Careful attention has been paid to ensure that the overall system frequency response remains smooth and consistent both on and off axis, which is essential for good articulation and accurate reproduction of speech. Unique to all of the EON series low frequency cone transducers is a proprietary Differential Drive® voice coil scheme which reduces the weight of the magnetic assembly, while improving the heat dissipation of the transducer. For the first time in the industry, it is now possible to achieve high power handling, low distortion and light weight in the same package. A newly designed high frequency driver with a 1¾ inch diameter diaphragm of responsive 1 mil thick titanium provides extended high frequency response and low distortion. Uniform on- and off-axis response is ensured by coupling the driver to a new low distortion Bi-radial high frequency horn. Active high frequency driver protection is incorporated into the unit to ensure HF driver reliability. The use of advanced CAD magnetic modeling resulted in a low weight magnetic assembly which further reduces the system weight. The EON 15’s die-cast aluminum baffle is part of the Thermomaster® Total Thermal Management System®. This system ensures the reliability of the EON woofer by transferring all of the heat generated in the woofer motor assembly up through the baffle to the area around the ports. As air blows through the ports, it actively cools the system. Because driving the speaker to higher volume levels causes more air to pass through the ports, the louder the system plays, the cooler it runs. The back of the cabinet is designed so that the system can be leaned back for use as a state monitor. A 35mm pole mount socket is provided. Optional fixed and adjustable angle wall-mount brackets allows for safe installation of EON loudspeakers


  •  Light Weight – Only 42 lb.
  • Proprietary 15″ Differential Drive® Low Frequency Transducer Delivers High Power Handling, Low Distortion and Light Weight
  • 1″ Pure Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver with Patented Diamond Surround
  • 90° x 60° Controlled Directivity Horn Provides Flat Power Response
  • Neutrik Speakon® Input and Output Connectors for Maximum Current Transfer and Reliability
  • Thermomaster® Total Thermal Management System® – Die-Cast Aluminum Baffle Provides More Effective Cooling of the Woofer – Improves Long-Term Reliability and Reduces Power Compresion
  • Rugged Polypropylene Enclosure, Balanced for Easy Carrying, Integrated Handle
  • Enclosure Angles Allow the EON15 to be Tilted Back for Use As Stage Monitor
  • Integral Attachment Points for Optional Wall-Mount Brackets (EON BRK1, BRK4-15)
  • 35mm Pole Mount With Tension Screw
Removed from corporate working environment.
weight: 46lbs
dimensios: 27 in x 17 in x 17.5 in.
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Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 30 in