High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar v3.2.6 Front
High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar v3.2.6
October 3, 2018
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High End Systems SolaWash 37 LED Wash Light Pair w/ ATA Case Low Hours
October 5, 2018
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JBL VTX Series Complete System- (12)V20 (4)S25 (2)VRack 4x3500HD


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  • (12) JBL VTX V20
  • (4) JBL VTX S25
  • (2) Crown VRack 4x3500HD:
    • (3 per rack) Crown I-Tech 4×3500 Power Amplifiers
    • 5-Pin CEE Form Connector
    • 5-Pin Hubbell AC Connector
    • Input Panel with Analog, AES, and VDrive
    • Versatile Output Panel
    • Shock-Mounted Rack
    • Removable Dolly Board
  • Rigging:
    • (2) JBL VTX-V20-AF
    • (2) JBL VTX-V20-AF-EB
    • (2) CM Series 653 3/4 Ton Manual Hoists
    • (9) Shackles
    • (12) NL8 Jumpers
    • (1) Wheeled Case
  • Casters and soft covers for speakers
VTX V20 features the advanced technology and extraordinary performance of the groundbreaking VTX V25 in a smaller format, high power density 3-way system complemented by a new suspension system that provides efficient transport, fast setup and precise configuration. All VTX V20 components have been specifically engineered to provide stable 105 degree horizontal coverage and effective line source array coupling in the vertical plane while delivering linear, transparent sound up to surprisingly high output levels for its diminutive size.
The dual 15″, cardioid-arrayable S25 subwoofer provides industry-leading very low frequency output and can be integrated with V20 with tremendous versatility, either ground-stacked or suspended in mixed arrays or standalone.

VRack is a rugged touring rack fitted with three I-Tech 4×3500 HD Series power amplifiers, power input panel, and custom-engineered input/output panels.