Klark Tecknik DN7454 Professional Audio Multiprocessor


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The Klark Teknik DN7454 unit offers digital delay lines with equalization.

The DN7454 units are universal Digital Multi-Processor systems. The internal routing allows the user to assign each of the outputs to any input.

The DN7454 provides 48-bit filter algorithms, 24-bit AD/DA conversion and a dynamic range of 115dB and sets new standards for digital multi-processors.

A number of filters within the unit offer extremely flexible correction of the frequency response. Each input incorporates a 7-band equalizer, allowing assignment of high and low-cut, high and low-shelving or parametric peak/dip filters to its individual filter sections. Each filter can be independently bypassed if required.

TheDN7454 has two modes of operation -MONOmode and DUALmode.

In MONOmode, the DN 7454 has a maximum delay from inputIN A to each of its outputs of 5400 ms. This delay is divided into a Master delay, adjustable between 2 and 4400 ms, which affects all outputs equally, and channel delays, adjustable between 0 and 1000 ms, which affect each output individually.

In DUALmode, the DN7454 has a maximum delay from either input to each of its outputs of 2700 ms. This is divided into a Master delay in each input, adjustable between 2 to 1700 ms, which affects all outputs routed from that input, and channel delays, adjustable between 0 and 1000 ms, which affect each output individually.

Six additional filters are employed in each output channel, which can be set to operate as high or low shelving filters or parametric peak/dip filters. Each output channel additionally provides programmable level control and a digital compressor/limiter.

The main system security mode offers access to all parameters. This allows the user to freely program and store any setting. A total number of 30 user memories are available.


  • FLASH memory for software and preset updates via serial interfaces.
  • PC-based operation and configuration software running under Windows ’95 / Windows ’98 software available at www.klarkteknik.com.
  • Standard MIDI-interface.
  • RS-232 interface
  • Backlit graphic LCD with 122 x 32 pixels.
  • Inputs and outputs are electronically balanced, XLR-type connectors.
  • Transformer-balancing for the inputs is optionally available.
  • Input/Output level controls, Output Mute switches.
  • Input/Output LED meters, limiter and clipping LED’s.


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