Lectrosonics H175DC Plug-On Transmitter (184.825 MHz)

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The digital code system provides much more reliable control over the receiver audio output than a conventional squelch can provide. The transmitter generates a 9-bit code at turn on, and another code at turn off, to open and close the audio output on the receiver. The squelch on the receiver cannot be opened by anything other than the specific code it is programmed to receive. This superior squelch system is very necessary when the receiver is connected into an automatic mixing system.


  • Operating frequency: 184.825 MHz
  • Power output: 50mW
  • Deviation: ±15 kHz
  • Spurious radiation: 55dB below carrier
  • Equivalent input noise: -121dBV
  • Input: Types:200 Ohm dynamic 5V phantom power 1k Ohm, 2-wire electric with 5 Â Â VDC positive bias. Level:Nominal 2mV to 300mV (before compression). Impedance:22k Ohms (compatible with all Lo-Z microphones)
  • Input compressor: Soft compressor, 30 dB range allows 3 Volt max. input
  • Gain control range: 43dB; semi-log rotary control
  • Controls:2 position Power switch; Rotary knob adjusts audio gain
  • Connector:3-pin XLR type with locking collar

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