Meyer Sound 650 – R2 – Subwoofer Housing Only – No Drivers Included

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The 650-R2 Subwoofer extends the power bandwidth of Meyer Sound reinforcement systems to 30 Hz. Accurate and rugged, this powerful subwoofer consists of two 18-inch cone drivers capable of long
excursion with extremely low distortion, set in a heavily braced 14 cubic foot vented enclosure of multiple-ply hardwood. Fitted with handles and a pair of high density rubber casters, the roadworthy cabinet is dimensioned in submultiples of 90″, the U.S. internal truck width standard. The 650-R2 requires a professional quality two-channel power amplifier capable of delivering 200 to 300 watts continuously into 8 ohms or 400 to 600 watts into a
4 ohm load (drivers connected in parallel), with a signal voltage gain of 20 dB (minimum) to 30 dB (maximum).

Removed from corporate working environment.  Housing ONLY.  Drives not included.


Dims: 30″L x 45″W x 22″H

Weight: 138 lbs