Meyer Sound MM-4 Controller MM-4CEU Two-Channel Single Rack Space Unit


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This is a two-channel single rack space unit provides frequency and phase response correction circuitry tailored to the MM-4 loudspeaker. In conjunction with professional grade amplifiers, the MM-4CEU must be used to protect your MM-4 loudspeakers against damaging overload conditions, while ensuring that they meet their published specifications.

Through a SpeakerSense™ connection to the power amplifier output, the MM-4 CEU continuously monitors the power applied to the drivers, activating integral peak and RMS limiters to protect against over-excursion and overheating, respectively.

The required MM-4CEU incorporates Meyer Sound’s MultiSense™ circuit to drive several amplifiers, monitor two amplifier channels and activate its protection circuits based on the system branch with the highest signal level.

MultiSense allows the levels of individual zones to be adjusted using the power amplifier’s attenuators.

Typically, each channel of the MM-4CEU can drive 12 or more amplifier channels depending on the input impedance of the amplifier. The MM-4 enclosure’s black anodized extruded aluminum acts as a sink to dissipate heat from the driver voice coil. It can be ordered custom-painted to match décor, and is fitted with a perforated steel grille.

Dimensions: 19x8x2 / 14 lbs

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