Meyer Sound UPA-1C Loudspeaker – NL4 Connector (Pair)

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The Meyer Sound UPA-1C is a compact, high-power arrayable loudspeaker designed to perform in a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications. It is a biamplified system consisting of a proprietary 12-inch low-frequency cone driver in a vented enclosure with an 80-degree horizontal high-frequency horn and driver.

The UPA-1C is designed to be operated as a system with the Meyer Sound M-1A Control Electronics Unit (one M-1A per channel). The M-1A comprises electronic crossover, Meyer Sound exclusive SpeakerSense driver protection circuitry, and amplitude and phase response alignment circuitry optimized for the loudspeaker.

The UPA-1C requires a professional quality two-channel power amplifier rated at 200-300 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms. (If two UPA-1Cs are to be operated in parallel from the amplifier, it should be capable of driving 4 ohms.) Use of amplifiers of lower power will not allow the full power and headroom of the UPA-1C system to be realized (though this may be acceptable in applications where high pressure levels are not required). Conversely, use of amplifiers rated at significantly more than 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms may endanger the loudspeaker, and is not recommended.

Dimensions: 15″ W x 22″ H x 15″ D

Weight: 67 lbs

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