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Description Description:

Part of the Heritage D series, the Midas HD96-24-CC-TP is a world-class, 144-input digital mixing console. This mixer is jam-packed with features, including eight award-winning Midas preamps, 120 time-aligned, phase-coherent mix buses, 24 VCA groups, and top-tier digital effects. The HD96-24-CC-TP makes taking command of your mix is a piece of a cake, with 28 motorized 100mm faders, interpolated touch-sensitive controls, and a 21-inch display with an advanced multi-gesture touchscreen interface. This mixer teems with state-of-the-art digital tech, boasting HyperMAC and AES50 networking, dual Ultranet ports, and a dual network bridge format converter. An integrated wireless transceiver module and dual redundant power supplies rounds out the HD96-24-CC-TP’s impressive feature set. The Heritage D HD96-24-CC-TP also comes with a tour-grade road case that boasts marine-grade plywood and aluminum construction.

Features Features:
  • 144-input digital mixing console with 96kHz operation
  • Graviton Mk 2 engine yields world-class sound and industry-leading performance
  • 28 motorized 100mm faders and interpolated touch-sensitive controls
  • 21-inch display with an advanced multi-gesture touchscreen interface
  • 8 award-winning Midas preamps, 120 phase-coherent mix buses, and 24 VCA groups
  • Flexi Aux system permits you to send aux to aux for group- or stem-style mixing
In The Box
  • MIDAS HD96-24-CC-TP-UL
  • Road Case

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 31 × 45 × 15 in
  • Weight: 250 lbs