Minleon G42 Triklit Complete LED Curtain 4 Light Kit (2017)

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  • (4) 26 Light G42 Triklit 10′ strings
  • (4) Smart-t connectors
  • Power Supply
  • Minleon RGB-WEC Wifi controller

Minleon-Rainmin’s TrikLits are 16-bit color-blended & 360-degree viewangle pixels in a versitile and pro-grade RGB light string. Individual control via your favorite ArtNet & sACN programs, or use Minleon’s NEC or WEC+ to create animated, original, color-changing light displays. Scale your design by connecting multiple NDB+ via 3rd-party network switch.

Plus, the 4 string kit is Wifi enabled and the app (Wec-Mate) can be downloaded through iTunes store–Google app is currently under development.