Nebtek NEB70HDS 7″ LCD HD Monitor

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The Nebtek NEB70HDS is a 7″ field monitor designed to be mounted on-camera. The high-resolution display is ideal for framing and verifying focus during shoots. With extensive user controls and a lightweight friend that only weighs 2.5 lbs, the NEB70HDS is ideal for virtually any  HD videographer.
  • The NEB70HDS accepts both NTSC and PAL standard signals.
  • Automatically detects which standard it is being fed without having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option.
  • The frame of the NEB70HDS has a screen-hole mount on every side so mounting is easy, no matter what the angle.
  • Cables can be configured specifically for both on-camera and Steadicam use.
  • The image can be flipped for convenient use with certain 35mm adapters.
Removed from corporate working environment. Not Fully Tested.
Weight: 3LBS
Dimensions: 8x3x3