NEC NP1250 Professional Installation Projector w/ NP02ZL Lens (240 hrs)


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Note: Tested. Removed from corporate working environment. 900 hrs.

The NEC NP1250 Professional Installation Projector is one of NEC’s first-in-the-world line of stackable projectors. No, you don’t stack them on top of each other. You can place up to four of them side by side in a row to project one luminously bright and perfectly aligned image. With four NP1250s that’s an image that’s an incredible 14,800 lumens bright! It’s ideal for larger sized screens (the NP1250 can project a 500 inch image) or where there is a great deal of ambient light.

Dimensions: 16x14x6 / 16.5 lbs

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Weight 19 lbs
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